The Chase List

Well, this list was a good idea but it was more work than I expected and I got too far behind to make it very useful. Suffice it to say that there are LOTS of chaseable rarities being reported each year. It should be possible to chase and find many each year. HOWEVER, doing that on a budget like mine is another thing entirely.


The first 16 were present in January (That’s a lot! But, notice that I only chased a few due to budget concerns.) and appear in taxonomic order. The rest appear in chronological order for the year.

  1. (Jan 15) Bean Goose             OR                      not chased
  2. Falcated Duck                        CA                       chased in 2014          missed
  3. Common Scoter                     CA                       not chased
  4. American Flamingo                 FL                       not chased
  5. Common Crane                      TX and NM         not chased
  6. Ivory Gull                                IL                         not chased
  7. Great Skua                             NC                      not chased
  8. Key West Quail-Dove             FL                       chased                       missed
  9. Smooth-billed Ani                    FL                       not chased
  10. Eurasian Kestrel                     NS                      not chased
  11. Skylark (several)                    BC                       not chased
  12. Fieldfare                                  NS                      not chased
  13. Gray-crowned Y’throat           TX                       local                            seen
  14. Striped Sparrow                      TX                       chased                       seen
  15. Rustic Bunting                        CA                      not chased
  16. Blue Bunting                           TX                       local                            seen
  17. (Feb 15) Eurasian Siskin       AK                       not chased
  18. White-throated Thrush           TX                       local                             seen
  19. Curlew Sandpiper                   FL                       not chased
  20. Red-footed Booby                  FL                       not chased
  21. Bananaquit                             FL                       not chased
  22. Black-faced Grassquit           FL                       not chased
  23. (Mar 15) Brown Shrike          CA                      not chased
  24. Slate-throated Redstart         AZ                       chased                         missed
  25. Common Snipe                     NF                       not chased
I discontinued trying to keep track after about three months. It was just too hard and time consuming to sort through all the reports on NARBA, eBird, TXBirds, Tweeters, MOUNet etc., etc., etc.