Back in the RGV. So, of course, there is a new species to report!

I have practically stopped birding lately, but when we returned to the Rio Grande Valley I had to revisit my favorite spots.

Oliviera Park in Brownsville is one of those spots. It is known for the large numbers of parrots that roost there during the cooler months. As many as 10 species have been seen there with most being Red-crowned Parrots. Red-lored, Violet-crowned, Yellow-headed, and White-fronted Parrots are also regularly seen. Green Parakeets round out the usual suspects.

Lately, Rose-ringed Parakeets have been seen. That was my target for our visit. This species is on the ABA list but the usual “countable” population is found in Bakersfield, California. Birds in Brownsville are probably recent escapees and are not “officially countable,” if that is even a thing. The ABA does not list escaped cage birds as part of the area’s avifauna until they have been proven to be firmly established as breeding birds.

That said, I count exotic birds for my overall list whether or not they are in an “approved” population. I keep track of locations but I don’t restrict my list to those populations. Thus, I was able to add the Rose-ringed Parakeet to my Eight Years to 800!? list:

Most likely, this is the LAST post for this website. I am moving the blog back to Blogspot/Blogger. I haven’t accomplished that yet, and things at that old blog have changed a great deal since I first got the site in 2011, but I hope to see you there eventually. Look for (It might not work, though. I am having trouble finding it when I am not actually logged in to the site.)

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