A New Yard Bird

We don’t keep an “official” list of birds we have seen in our quarter-acre yard in Weslaco but we have had quite a few.

In the nearly 20 years that we have lived here we have seen most of what would be expected and quite a few rarer, more interesting birds. Today, we saw the first Clay-colored Thrush in the yard. (The picture is a file photo; not the actual bird we saw.)

The history of this species in the Rio Grande Valley is an interesting one. Twenty years ago we counted ourselves lucky to find one of these “Mexican birds” anywhere in the region. When one showed up somewhere it was a hotline bird and it attracted birders from far and wide. Now, they are fairly widespread and quite regular in occurrence. They are one of the recent success stories in the RGV.

No one knows exactly why the Clay-colored Thrush has been so successful in colonizing the Rio Grande Valley but they are a welcome addition to our avifauna and a great add to our yard list.

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