The Grass Is Always Greener …

We were getting discouraged by the slow pace of migration in the RGV and so did an overnight trip up to Goose Island State Park and Port Aransas.

The results were not spectacular but at least the change of scenery produced some new birds for the year; six new ones to be exact (plus one more that we added from our neighborhood as we left).

As we talked with other birders we got the sense that the slow start to spring was more or less “normal.” Judy and Larry Geiger, bird hosts at Goose Island for April, even had day-for-day records from last year to compare. All-in-all, the birding group we were speaking to concluded that we were suffering more from high expectations than from low birds!

That’s not to say that things aren’t different this year, just that “different is normal” when it comes to spring birding along the Texas coast. An interesting article from the Galveston, TX newspaper chronicles some of the differences in birds that may be caused by the severe drought that still lingers in Texas. (To see the article, point your browser here: )

So, for now, we are back in the RGV and patiently waiting for the rest of “our birds” to come and see us!

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